The notable people of Lviv

 ·        Stefan Banach (1892 - 1945, Lviv) – the member of Polish Academy of Sciences , journalist of Academy of Sciences in Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Rebublic (USSR). Mathematician, one of the founders of modern functional analysis and Lviv mathematical school.

·        Kazimierz Bartel (1882-1941, Lviv) – mathematician and politician, prime minister of Poland (1926–1930).

·        Yuri Bashmet (1953 - ) – viola soloist, conductor. The founder of musical festival in the city Tours, France and the president of musical festival on the island Elba.

·        Alexander Beliavsky (1953 - ) – Soviet, Ukrainian and Slovenian chess player. Internationalchess grandmaster. Being the member of USSR team he won 4 golden medals in international chess competitions.

·        Svyatoslav Vakarchuk (1975 - ) – Ukrainian rock musician, the leader of the band “Okean Elzy”, composer, public figure.

·        Rudolf Weigl – scientist, inventor of the vaccine

·        Jan Henryk de Rosen (1891- 1982) was a Polish painter and patriot, who became well known for his mural and mosaic works, in exile and active in the United States after 1939. He worked in Ukraine, Poland, Austria and USA.

·         Muhammad Asad – journalist, Islamic writer, diplomat, the representative of  Pakistan in UN, translator of Quran into English (born Leopold Weiss)

·         Andrei Volokitin –international chess grandmaster

·         Zygmund Gorgolewskyarchitect, constructor of the Grand Theatre in Lwów (currently Opera Theatre in Lviv)

·        Dasslers family – the founders of world-wide known sport companies Adidas and Puma. They lived in Lviv for a couple of years having their first manufactory here.

·        Louis B. Sohn(1914-2006) the teacher of international law in Harvard University. He took a part in establishing UN in 1945, working on the charter of International Court of Justice in Hague.

·        Solomiya Krushelnytska (1872 – 1952),the world-wide known opera singer of 20 c.

·        Herbert Gersh (1897-1960) – English lawyer of Jewish origin. He was a professor of Cambridge University, the member of UNInternational Law Commission, the judge of International Court of Justice in Hague. 

·        Stanislaw Lem (1921,Lviv-2006, Krakow) – writer and futurist

·        Stanislaw I Leszczynski (1677-1766) – the King of Poland

·        Ruslana Lezhychko Ukrainian singer, pianist, conductor, dancer, public figure. The winner of Eurovision singing contest 2004

·        Ignacy Lukasiewicz (1878—1956) – engineer, pioneer of oil industry. One of the inventors of the first gas lamp in Lviv

·        Leopold von Sacher-Masochwriter, journalist and writer whose surname originated the term “

·        Ludwig von Misesfree-market economist (born in Lemberg, currently Lviv)

·        Wladyslaw Tatarkiewicz (1886 - 1980)– historian of philosophy, academician

·        Ivan Fedorov (1510-1530 - 1583) – founder of book printing in Russia and Ukraine

·       Wojciech Bobowski (1610–1675), dragoman and musician in the Ottoman Empire, translated the Bible into Ottoman Turkish