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National Andrey Sheptytskyy Museum in the City of Lviv Ivan Trush
Memorial Museum of Arts
Oleksa Novakivskyy
Memorial Museum of Arts
Olena Kulchytska Memorial
Museum of Arts
Leopold Levytskyy
Memorial Museum of Arts
Museum of the Oldest archeological relics of Lviv Museum of Ancient Ukrainian Books Museum of “Rusalka Dnistrova” Memorial Museum/Workshop
of Teodosia Bryzh
Museum “Literature of Lviv in the first half of 20th century” Historical Jewellery Museum Post office Museum Glass Museum Exhibition “Following the tracks of Galician Jews Pharmacy museum “Pid Chornym Orlom” Ivan Franko National University
Museum of Archeology
Ancient History Department of Lviv History Museum Department of History of the Western Ukraine
(second half of 19th – beginning of 20th century),
History of Ukrainian Diaspora
Ivan Franko National University
Museum of Geology
Lviv State memorial Museum of Mykhailo Hrushevskyy Natural History Museum Lviv Ivan Franko National
University Museum of
A chamber-museum of Taras Shevchenko Boim’s Chapel Lviv National Gallery of Arts Lviv History Museum Lviv Literature Memorial
Museum of Ivan Franko
Lviv Museum of Religion History Lviv Museum of Metrology Lviv Ivan Franko National
University Museum of
Museum of Stanislav Lyudkevych Museum “The Art of Ioann George Pinzel” Lviv Museum of Weapons “Arsenal” Museum of History of S.
Gzhytskyy Academy of
Veterinary Medicine
M. Panchyshyn Museum
of Galician Medicine
Museum of History of Lviv Railway Archeological Museum of
Ukrainian Studies Institute of
National Academy of Science
Museum of Embroidered
Icons by Dmytro Blazheyovsky
Museum of Roman Shukhevych,
General of Ukrainian Insurgent Army
Lviv Museum of Ethnography and Folk Art Museum of Ivan Franko Lviv
National University
Museum of Folk Architecture and Life Lviv Museum of Brewery Historical and Architectural Museum
of Lychakiv Cemetery
Solomiya Krushelnytska Museum Museum of Bread Pototski Palace Lviv Ivan Franko National
University Museum of
Museum of Ideas Salo - Museum of Modern Art Retro Moto Museum FC "Karpaty" Museum «Tiurma na Lontskoho» prison-museum Museum of Ukraine Liberation Movement Scholars House "Secret pharmacy"