Ambulance Emergency Telephone Number - 103

On behalf of American Medical Centers, Ukraine’s premier western medical and assistance provider network, we are proud to introduce our new physician offices in Lviv, Ukraine. AMC Assist, a division of American Medical Centers Ukraine, is western Ukraine's only 24-hour on-call urgent care, assistance, and physician care network.

The Many Benefits of AMC Assist Lviv:
-    24/7 emergency medical assistance and on-call consultations.
-    Medical evacuation by air ambulance, hospitalization referral and coordination.
-    Referral and accessibility to Europe and the US’s top international centers of medical excellence.
-    Direct insurance billing to most national and international insurance groups—more insurance partners than any private clinic or hospital in Ukraine.
-    Affordable annual health plans designed for individual or corporate patients.
-    World-class team of national and international specialist consultants and elective surgery second-opinions.

Should you like any further information on AMC Assist or American Medical Centers, or to schedule an appointment or direct referral, please call us at +38 032 253 7000 anytime.

Address: Lviv, 3 Bohomoltsia Street

24h Pharmacies



Telephone No

0038 (032) XX

Zaliznychnyy district

IP "Borsuk"

223, Horodotska St.

292 59 64


179, Horodotska St.

247 15 12


212, Horodotska St.

267 62 63


29а, Vyhovskoho St.

297 61 00


32,  Vyhovskoho St.

245 99 28


66, Shyroka St.


"3 - i"

104, Liubinska St.

240 13 08

Lychakivskyy district


11а, Nekrasova St.

275 01 74


11, Dzhordzha Vashynhtona St.

240 40 60


6, Nekrasova St.


Apteka №28  (Pharmacy 28)

9, Dorosha St.

275 37 63

Аpteka №1 ( Pharmacy 1) 

7, Chernihivska St.

278 64 72

Halytskyy district

"Dobra Apteka"

54, Kopernika St.

240 33 85

"Dobra Apteka"

3, Tyktora St.

272 50 48 


19, Halytska St.

235 40 06


20, Ohiyenka St.

244 43 44


IP "Borsuk"

5, Kniahyni Olhy St.

241 96 16


10, Fedkovycha St.

241 91 63


95, Kulparkivska St.

294 85 53

Apteka №29 (Pharmacy 29)

61, Kniahyni Olhy St.

263 00 36


2, MorshynskaSt.

237 01 54

IP "Vasyliv"

14, Melnyka St.         

238 62 37


29, Medvedetskoho St.

292 57 56

Sykhivskyy district

"3 - і"

103, Chervonoyi Kalyny Ave.

222 89 42


The former hospitals in Lviv

The former hospitals in Lviv were more like shelters for the poor than medical institutions. This term derived from Latin word “hospitalis” meaning a shelter for pilgrims. The first hospitals were established in Jerusalem after crusaders conquered it in the 12th c. Thus the knights-hospitalers were not doctors but rather took care of pilgrims that were hurrying to the Holy Sepulcher. A while later hospitals as shelters for the poor were arising all over Europe as well. One could find some medical care there too but their main task was to provide everything for living for their wards.
Because in those times there was no reason for establishing special places for medical care as all the treatment or surgeries were done in the patient’s house. On occasion, it should be noted that doctors at that time were of highly respected status and they never did surgeries or lowering blood. Those dirty obligations were for surgeons and barbers – the most deprived crafts as the people of those crafts were not allowed to apply for governmental positions, at leastin Lviv.
The most famous hospital in Lviv was a city hospital of the Holy Spirit. The oldest mention of it dates back to 1377 and it was functioning for about 400 years. It was located on present Ivan Pidkova square (the square right behind Taras Shevchenko monument) where you still can notice the pieces of the foundation.As we find out from the documents it was a female hospital and it served as a shelter for widows and lonely old ladies.
Every year local authorities appointed the pharmacist of the hospital who was also responsible for finances as the hospital received money from the villages around as well as from its mill and from the wills of different citizens.
The document says that at the end of  the 16th c. there were 80 wards in the hospital. Besides that, every Clean Thursday there was a holiday for the poor organized by locals.
The Rus hospital by St. Onufriy monastery was less known. The oldest mention about it dates back to 1522 but we can assume that its prototype appeared simultaneously with the foundation of the city because the founder of the St. Onufriy monastery as well as the hospital was king Lev (the founder of the city of Lviv).  The monastery was functioning for 243 years. Unlike the city hospital this one was both for men and women. Since 15th c. the hospital was under the patronage of Assumption church fraternity.

The most visible material trace of itself was left by St. Lazarus hospital on present Kopernika St. There is still a Latin table saying that that hospital was built on donations of the faithful of 1621 in honor of St. Mary, the Mother of God who is a patroness of all dispirited and poor and that it is a shelter for the poor, the lame and for all those in need. The walls of the hospital are decorated with illustrations and quotes about Lazarus from the Bible that are saying that those who don’t help the poor risk having lots of troubles in another world.
Talking about hospitals we should also mention Sofiya Honel. After the death of her husband who was a merchant she spent all her heritage on charity. In 1595 she built the small cathedral named after St. Sofia and shelter for the poor.  She passed away in that very shelter leaving behind only some kitchen utensils. This cathedral is located in the upper part of  Ivana Franka Str.

Not all the parts of Lviv history can be called pleasant but one fact remains: that mercy has always been inherent in the hearts of its citizens!