A fight for a bride’s heart

    In the middle of the 16th century the Dominican square flamed with cruel fight to gain the heart of a bride. This bride was Halshka from Ostroh who was the then richest heiress of all Commonwealth of Poland.  And, of course , there were many candidates willing to marry her. A favorite of the king young Lukash from Gurka became a winner and forcibly married  Halshka .
    However, during three years the girl's mother , Beate, using the sympathy of King’s mother Bona, did not allowed unwanted son-in-law to see her daughter . But then Queen Bona moved to Italy with her mother and Halshka together with her mother fled to Lviv and hid here in the Dominican monastery.
Any persuasion couldn’t help to convince the princess. So Lukash began a big siege of the monastery.  Lviv was out of life, a trade found itself almost in depression for a few weeks.
    In the midst of hostilities an Orthodox Prince Simeon Slutskyi, a man who was truly loved by Halshka, entered Dominican church unnoticeably as a beggar. Lovers got married in the monastery , considering previous forced marriage as illegal one. But  King became tired of all that events and ordered  Lviv’s Mayor to contribute impudent Lukash to capture  the monastery. So following the order, Lviv authorities had blocked the water supply and the monastery was occupaied.
    The King recognized Lukash as a law husband of Halshka. Soon unhappy girl was brought to the castle of the prince Lukash to Shamotula town in Poland. Halshka could not forget her darling Simeon and after a while, mourning for him, she died. The most interesting is that, according that times laws, Lukash didn’t get any penny from Halshka heritage, as they didn’t have children. Residents of Shamotula town still show the "black princess tower", as she always wore black dress.