Fatal Love triangle

     Lviv was a city where people knew how to love and how to sacrifice a life for a big love. The third house on Rynok Square was called Vilchkivska stone house, because there lived a beautiful 18-year-old Anna Vilchkivna. In 1580 Lviv was covered by bloody scandal because of her. There were many candidates for her heart, but especially intrusive were Florentine Ubaldini and Urban Pole Pawel Yelonek.
     And then one evening at a wedding of Anna’s friend , two lovers at once rushed to invite the beauty to dance.  Vilchkivna gave her hand to Italian guy. Offended Yelonek immediately gave a slap to the opponent, Ubaldini answered him with a dagger, which was fatally. The assassin was immediately arrested, and according to the laws of the time, he was exposed to execution.
     But the young Florentine was not executed. And maybe not because the powerful and influential Italian colony of the city protected him, and not even because he was a relative of Pope Gregory 13th. His fate was decided by all Lviv’s women. Wives of Lviv judges annoyed  their husbands all day and night, even staged pickets in front of City Hall. "This mad love, such romantic story" - they said. Moreover  Paul Yelonek forgave the killer and asked not to punish him.
     Soon Urban Ubaldini married Anna Vilchkivna and they marked the beginning of another glorious Lviv patrician family.