Beer and savories


If you ask a Lviv resident to introduce you to the local beer and cuisine, they will not make you suffer through their endless tales that beer has been brewed in Lviv since 1425; that the local brewery, built in 1715 and functioning till this day, is older than the renowned «Guinness»; that in the times when Lviv was under the Soviet rule, special flights with boxes of Lviv beer were sent to the Kremlin bosses in Moscow. Lviv citizens do not overburden their guests with these glorious historical facts.
However, they are very concerned about leaving you with a good impression. That is why immediately upon meeting you, a Lviv city dweller will take you to one of the numerous local pubs and establishments and will successfully convince you to give your preference exclusively to local breweries, big and small, which brew live beer without any additives. With your beer you will taste dishes of the local cuisine – an extraordinary mixture of traditional Ukrainian, Polish, Austrian, Armenian dishes.
Many restaurants produce their own beer.They will get you acquainted with all the regulars of the local establishments, who will entertain you with a plethora of interesting stories.
Dublin, Munich and Prague better make room, because Lviv undoubtedly should be added to this list of world beer capitals.