A ghost-train

     In 1861 a railway route Lviv- Przemysl was opened. In general it was the first one in Galicia and Ukraine. And a few years later in Lviv tracks began to appear mysterious and bizarre cases. Frightened Railway direction strongly wanted to hide this events, but newspapers spread information about this miracles in full force. In Lviv tracks appeared a mysterious train, which was not registered in any state lists and train schedules, a kind of secret train, without patent and number.Train with unprecedented speed suddenly appeared in the most unexpected places with satanic roar and suddenly disappeared in an unknown direction, but without any accidents.
     This train was impossible neither catch up nor stop . Railway workers were angry and desperate as passengers, frightened by rumors, used trains not so often. Mystic train then appeared on the road from the city of  Stanislav to Lviv, then towards Warsaw or Vienna. But one night it appeared in Lviv Railway Station. Many people were waiting for a train from Vienna, which was coming from the west direction. It has already been seen from the train’s windows  funny faces of passengers, when suddenly from the opposite direction  a giant gray mass of  ghost train like a mad whirlwind swept along the same track towards Vienna. Fear gripped everyone. A clash could not be escaped ! Those who stood on the platform, saw the frightful witches’ faces  from the Satanic train. Mad panic embraced people on the platform, some of them even fell down. But a mad train, rather than to completely overwhelm his train-opponent, with a fulminant speed  flies through all the carriages of the Vienna-Lviv train and disappeared in the darkness. Not very often but during several months this crazy train scared people, and then disappeared as suddenly without a trace as it had appeared.