Love at first sight

In Lviv’s love stories certainly there is a story about love at first sight. In the 17th century, in the building number 30 on Rynok Square lived a beautiful Yadvishka Lushkovska, the daughter of an impoverished merchant. In 1634 the Polish King Wladyslaw IV came to the city. Driving the Rynok Square, he accidentally saw Yadvishka in the window who welcomed their monarch and fell in love with her for the rest of his life.

The king took the beautiful girl to Warsaw and placed her in his palace. This King’s love caused concern and outrage in the highest circles. Nuncio and Archbishop believed that Yadvishka just charmed the king and tried to eradicate this feeling by holy water and asceticism. But nothing helped, and then it was decided to find a wife for him.

Soon the Polish king married an Austrian princess Tsytsyliya  Renata, who was  very serious and devout girl. Once the new queen asked what kind of a person that girl who so much laughed was, Yadvishka  moved to another palace. It also did not help, the King visited her regularly. Then Yadvishka Lushkovska married the nobles who had rich estates in Lithuania. In these area it was a great place to hunt, and as the king was an avid hunter, he often visited place, where he lived for several months.
Wladyslaw IV became a widower, and married a second time, but did not leave his love and died in the arms of Yadvishka in spring 1648. She was left alone, surrounded by a common hatred, and its subsequent fate is unknown.