Lviv’s weird guys: a story about Yuzef

     Human history knows many examples when irrepressible passion drove people into begging. One of that kind sad stories happened in Lviv at the beginning of the last century. Before the First World War a former master modeler   Yuzef begged alms near the Latin Cathedral. Yuzef was a good master, earned money, but had one unbridled passion for playing the lottery. He was fed up with this morbid excitement so much that one day he seriously decided to do away forever with his shameful passion. Purchasing the last lottery ticket in his life, as he persuaded himself, Yuzef sticked it to the door of her apartment as a memory. But it happened that this ticket was lucky - he won.
     Yuzef was very excited and tried to unstick ticket from the door, but in vain. Then he ran to Andreolli passage on Rynok Square, where the lottery company office was located and explained what happened, and pleaded company representatives to come to his home to witness the fact of winning. But the heartless clerks responded that they were not involved in such cases and were not going anywhere. Then desperate lottery player took off his front door from its hinges and brought it to the office. The company’s employees refused to pay lottery winnings, urging Yuzef it unprecedented case in the world  and that, so to say, a door with a ticket is impossible to attach to the report folder. Our Master didn’t give up, but someone from office, already the tenth time comparing numbers, suddenly found the ticket taped to the door, not winning . The unfortunate player looking downcast, trudged home, and then saw that thieves cleared everything from his home, including furniture. Dejected, he went to Cathedral to beg.