How to Get to Lviv by Train

There are direct connections from Lviv to : Wroclaw, Krakow, Belgrade, Bratislava, Budapest, Kishinev, Pzemysl, St.Petersburg, Moscow, Sofia, Minsk, Bucharest, as well as to the other cities such as Kyiv, Kharkiv and Donetsk .

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The Central Railway Station "Lviv" is on the Dvirtseva square. On the territory of the railway station in the main hall there are booking offices, trains schedule, money exchange point. A restaurant, Express Bank, where Western Union services are available, telephones, recreation area №1 are in the left wing of the building. There are some services in the right wing of the building, including hairdresser’s, tourist agency, and recreation area № 2. Within the recreation area there are two cafes, kiosks, pharmacies. The entrance to the recreation area is free of charge. Also in the right wing there are lockers and police office. There are several toilets, which are located in different parts of the building.

It is very easy to get to the city centre: you can take a taxi, which are at the entrance to the railway station building, or trams № 1 or № 9, bus № 31, which go directly to the city centre; whereas bus № 10 links Central Railway Station with Central Bus Station on Stryiska Street. 

A tram fare is 2 UAH. You can buy tram tickets from the driver or from kiosks at the tram stops. A fee for a city minibus is 3 UAH, and is paid directly to the driver.

Central Railway Station "Lviv" Lviv, 1 Dvirtseva Square
Enquiry information: Tel: 1505, +38 (032) 226-20-68, 226-15-95
Recreation Areas: Теl: +38 (032) 226-20-65
Service Centre: Теl: +38 (032) 226-15-52
Booking: Теl: +38 (032) 226-11-76, 226-11-77
International booking office: +38 (032) 226-19-03
Enquiry information of Suburban Railway Station:
+38 (032) 226-10-06

Enquiry information of city booking offices:

Preliminary booking office:
Теl: +38 (032) 226-52-76

Lviv, 20 Hnatyuka Street
Теl: +38 (032) 226-52-76