The King's horse

The King Danylo had a favourite horse named Wind (Viter), who always was his faithful servant and strong support in the battles. When the horse was very old and lost his power to race with a rider, like the wind, the King brought it to the stable to give a horse a deserved rest. In addition he strictly ordered to guard the horse as the apple of the eye. The one who will inform about the horse’s death will get into the hands of the executioner.

 But none orders can prevent a death and for all that the horse has died. Everyone was so scared that even thought to say goodbye to their families.
Suddenly a guy Omelko has appeared.

- Hey, Hryts! Why are you so sad? - asked Omelko the chief groom.
- Oh, you do not know which order the king gave me. I had to serve his horse as my own master. And a person who will inform about the death of the horse, will be send to the executioner. Now the horse kicked the bucket and I sit and think what I have to do next. Should I say goodbye to my family beforehand or should I go to the castle and tell everything as it is. No one will do it instead of me.
- Poor you, Hryts, unfortunately you hardly know your friends - said Omelko. - I will go to the king and tell him the news. And do not wrack your brains!
And finally Olelko went to the king, stood before him and said:
- My gracious lord, do you know the news?
- What news?
- Your favourite horse doesn’t eat, drink, breathe and move.
- So he probably died! - exclaimed the king.
- You are right, but you said it, not me.  And you can agreed with the executioner  about all details, because I’m not good in this.

The king laughed and rewarded  Omelko for  such ingenious idea.