Union Lublin Mound

Around the area of Lviv suburb there was a story about how a hill was created.

Once in 1848 an Emperor abolished serfdom. The lords could not accept this and revolted. Finally the Emperor got tired of listening to their complaints and set a condition:

- If you can build so high hill in Lviv from where Vienna city could be seen, I will bring you serfdom again.

Lords rushed to build the hill. They drove soil by wheelbarrows, wore it in the sacks and aprons. After every new built few meters up - one of them climbed up and looked into the distance, if Vienna was seen. But still it was too low.

A long while they carried solid. They didn’t feel their hands, felt dizzy and their legs grew numb. Unfortunately they couldn’t fill a high mountain and had to leave this thankless work. But for sake of this intensive work the hill was named after Lublin Union.