Dear participants!!!
Welcome to our city!!! Hope you have already immersed in the atmosphere of our city and are ready for adventure. In order to make your stay in the city more interesting and unforgettable, we have prepared for you a quest entitled “Batiaryky of Lviv”.
Lviv is famous for its batiar traditions, songs and entertainments. Lviv batiars are absolutely interesting and unique subculture, typical only in Western Ukraine, Galicia, its capital and cultural center - the city of Lviv.  Lviv batiars first appeared in the late 19th century and immediately became an outstanding feature of the local Galician culture and one of the main Lviv business card.
In memory of bariar culture, one of beer brands presented five small bariars to Lviv and your task will be find all of them. All about everything you have 90 minutes. The place of beginning and the final point will be Tourist Information Center at 1 Rynok Sq. The quest will be completed, and participants will pretend to win only if: 
a)    After the quest you return in a full composition of the team
b)    You fulfill the terms of the quest, provided us with the proofs (pictures of all batirs and all the supporting tasks)
c)    You do all tasks on time
d)    You came back in a good mood and with the smile on your face 

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Task no.  1

Identify the place by the photo. Having found it, take a picture of batiar who is there and find out his name. After find a girl whose name is “Matrona”, she will give you the next prompt.

Task no.  2

Your next task is to find this temple. There you will see lots of angels, as no wonder it is called “the temple of the angels”.
The task: find and take a picture of an angel playing the trumpet.
Now find wooden confession place and take there the next envelope.

Task no.  3

And now something about love. Unlucky in love – go to batiar Cupid. Newly married can ask him for happy family life, single – find beloved. In ancient times a handsome batiar came to “videnka” for some beer and fell in love with a waitress. He did not know how to make the first step. He sat down at the table and noticed his dirty shoes. It is no good to came up to the lady in dirty shoes. He went to the nearest shop and bought the new ones. Coming back he realized that he spent all his money on shoes. When the waitress came up to take order, gentleman started dancing showing his new shoes and sang a song. A waitress fell in love with this batiar. They got married and lived happy ever after.
The task: find this batiar, take a picture of him and get from the waitress new envelope.

Task no.  4

Taras Shevchenko and “Sitting Statue of Liberty” will help you find the next prompt. Here you have to pictures which will help you. 

Task no.  5

Find Virmenska St. There is a place where one for all all for one standing. Nothing changes since that time, because nothing tastes better than honest steaks from proper oven. Your task is to find batiar-financier, take a picture of him. He will show you the next envelope. Prompt – “Hora Blazhenstv” bank (Mountain of Beatitudes)
Task no.  6

Guessing this puzzle, you will understand where to find next batiar. Prompt -  it sees him!!!!

Task no. 7

Go on Rynok Sq.  In one of the side yards you will come across with this picture. Take a picture of its full version and find the next envelope nearby.

Task no.  8

Batyaryk-artist helps creative people: composers, musicians, artists, actors, writers ... In ancient times Batiar Amadeus loved music and art, he was often invited to the celebrations. For that he was paid with beer. Such gratitude he willingly accepted: after heady drink he was always inspired.
Once batiar saved concert on the occasion of Franz Joseph I visit to the city. During the concert, one of the musicians fainted and batiar picked up musical instruments and played instead. Since that time Amadeus considered to be the patron of creative people. If suddenly creative crisis crept, come on to Amadeus for inspiration!
Hint: look for it on Katedralna Square. Answer is hidden in the legend.

The last envelope

Вітаємо Вас із завершенням квесту. Зараз біжіть на пл. Ринок, 1. Сподіваємось ви сфотографували всіх батяриків та виконали інші завдання.