Heap of ashes on Kaiserwald

On a hill near Kaiserwald area there is a very good place for building, but already more than 100 years no one have been building here and legend tells us why. Early last century Rayetskyi archivist lived with the family in Lychakiv. But he didn’t like a noisy street where he lived. He was looking for a quiet place, a bit far from the bustling city life. Once he climbed the stairs up to Kaiserwald and saw a great place for building a villa. However, this place was covered with ashes.
Rayetskyi learned from local residents that people here tried to build houses, but every time a new built houses burned one by one. There was no house which stood on this accursed place during more than six months. And each time the fire was caused by some little thing. Colleagues strongly persuaded  Rayetskyi not to build any villa here, but archivist was unbiased man. He wanted to prove everyone how to overcome prejudice and superstitions. Besides, a good place and low price for the land attracted him a lot. Having signed contract in City Hall,  Rayetskyi received this land for incredibly low price and in just a mere four months a beautiful Secession building grew on the hill.
In beautiful new villa Rayetski family tried to keep the highest level of fire safety: they cooked at home nothing, lunch and dinner ate in the restaurant or ordered home, kerosene lamps and candles were prohibited in the house. Villa was heated and lit only by electricity. So passed the fatal half a year. Rayetskyi and his wife mercilessly joked with guests about the "sworn place." It took another six months and the family ventured to cook at home, making a cook extremely happy. Then  a cozy fireplace was set in the living room, old kerosene lamps and candles were allowed, because the hostess complained that electric lighting injured her eyes.
It took another six months, everything was fine, Rayetski family was very satisfied with the new place and especially nature. All have forgotten about the fatal danger of fire, but with residents of the house began to happen very strange things. A cult of fire ruled in this house. First ten year old Yurtsio, the son of the owner,  began to light completely unnecessary candles at day time, then once set fire to his desk and stacks of papers and books, and watched the fire as fascinated. His father ran into the room, barely managed to extinguish the flames.
Familiar psychiatrist Lyutovskyi explained Rayetskyi that this passion for fire was called Pyromania, and advised not to punish the boy, but try to persuade him. Rayetskyi spent evenings talking to his son about his fatal passion, and hid matches and lighters from the guy. But one evening the owner of the villa felt the irresistible urge to set something on fire. In the bedroom he set fire to the curtains and during a few seconds watched the flame, but then quickly extinguish the fire. "I won the fire" – shouted happily Rayetskyi - "it was a symbolic act, nothing more is not going to happen!". Archivist’s wife Maria also noticed a passion to the fire, but  it was less dangerous – she had a strong desire to dress everything red. Family’s cook Marta, staying in the kitchen alone, sometimes continuously lit matches one by one.
On the first site the life in the villa has not changed, but its residents were reluctant to admit to each other in their destructive intentions. Then one winter evening, when it took exactly two years from the time of villa settlement, their neighbors saw the glow under a large building. People ran into the yard in great fear: "Accursed place! And these did not avoid  the trouble! But how long they stayed!" Arrived  firefighters extinguished the fire for a long time, which surprisingly did not yield to all methods of extinguish. On the place they found the burnt corpse of a man, two women and a child. As it was found out afterwards villa was set on fire along with four sides.