Lviv Region

Lviv region is a very interesting area, which covers Carpathian Mountains, Roztochchia lakes, picturesque Holohory and Opillya hills. Unsurpassed beauty of the area is linked with architectural and historical places, which are characteristic of Lviv region.

For many centuries Lviv region has been attractive to travelers and explorers. There is a lot to enjoy and admire here: natural mineral waters, ancient towns and castles, Alpine skiing in the mountains, or canoeing down a mountainous river.

Many those, who have visited Lviv region for a first time, fall in love with it so much that cannot help returning here again and again.

Lviv Region Routes

Picturesque Opillya

This route enables travelers to know more about building traditions and beliefs of our ancestors. Combination of stone caves, wooden churches, and palaces of European nobility reminds of time flowing, whereas the beauty of the Opillya nature enchants.

Golden Horse Shoe of Lviv Region

The route brings you into middle-aged time, epoch of castles and churches. They still enchant you with their grandeur, history, and unique beauty.

To stone giants of the Carpathians

The route combines impressions, caused by beauty and splendor of Carpathian Mountains nature, with a surprise by skills of ancient inhabitants of these places. Fresh air, transparent mountain streams, natural beauty is the best way to relax from a city life.