Fire Brigade

Fire Rescue Emergency Telephone Number - 101

Lviv Fire department was organized according to the magistrate's decision on January 4, 1849, at the initiative of mayor Karl Hopflinhen - Berhendorf. Earlier suppression of fires in the city was made by townspeople according to "Universal about the order of Fire fighting in the royal capital city of Lviv," adopted May 31, 1782.

The reason for the decision to organize a permanent Fire Service, purchase of two pumps, construction of a gateway to Poltva was significant damage to the downtown of the city because of its attack November 2, 1848 by Government artillery during the "Spring of Nations". The greatest damage sustained the City Hall, building of Trinitarians University, the building of the theater.

In February 1851 it was decided to employ the fire inspector, two heads of pumps, four commanders of units, 40 firefighters and 20 persons from city guard - people who must organize firefighting. They were assisted by departments of sweeps, masons and carpenters. Another department had to guard the property during the fire and settle the victims.

The first fire department was located on the ground floor of the City Hall, its tower was used for watching the city. In case of the fire the guard beat the city hall bell. Number of beats (from 1 to 6) marked the region, where the watchman noticed the fire. At the beginning, the team of firefighters was ordered to control the roads status, cleaning and garbage removal.

The volunteer fire community "Sokil" was organized in November 1867. To improve the cooperation between Fire Service divisions was decided to connect them by the telegraph (1879).

According to the New city statute of 1871, the fire departments were ascribed to the city support services. In July 1883 the city fire departments, the board "Falcon" were connected by telephone. In 1906 there were 25 fire phones in the city.

Using the experience of Berlin, Hamburg, Bremen in February 1899 it was decided to construct a building of Central fire station on the Pidvalna street with barracks, stables, depots, apartments for families of officers. The building was finished in June 1901. Its facade decorated with figure of Saint. Florian - European patron of firefighters.

 Besides the Fire Station here were placed the ambulance station, municipal telephone station, Office of city chemist, municipal water supplies, stables for garbage collection with wagons, accommodation for their driver. Also, there were four pump of Knaust system, retractable ladder, barrel wagons. In 1925 the city bought for the Fire Station first car of «Demobil» British company, cars of «Skoda», «Polski Fiat» companies and self-propelled sliding ladder «Metz».

 In September 1939 and June 1941 as a result of bombardment during the Second World War several buildings in the central part of the city were destroyed, the majority of fire equipment was lost during the war, enclosed for military purposes.

Lviv Fire Technical School was created in May 1954. It was placed in the ancient military invalids building (35 Kleparivska St.) built in 1863 by order of Emperor Franz Joseph I. In June 2001 the school was reorganized in Lviv Institute of Fire Safety. On March 29, 2006 Institute was reorganized in Lviv State University Life Safety.

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