Legends of Lviv

Fabulous Galician city of Lviv which lies in picturesque Carpathians is well known as "The city with a smell of coffee and chocolate", "City of rain", "Heart of Galician Land", "Little Paris", "Ukrainian London", "Cultural Capital of Europe ", "Lion City". During more than 8 centuries this fascinating area, located in western Ukraine, has been covered by long history. Lviv attracts visitors by its uniqueness, its living style and special flavor of every streets. Lviv hides many mysterious and secret buildings that complement each other. Theaters, historic buildings, monuments, museums, cafes, castles, parks - all this are material irreplaceable value of the city. The smell of coffee, Lvivian’s hospitality, rustling of leaves, alive historical spirit that fills every old building will create a magnificent atmosphere around you. Lviv is the city of sounds. Here you can hear the sound of rain that washes Lviv paving, music tinkle of old tram, purring of Lviv’s cats in spring and ancient bell clock of Lviv City Hall’s Tower. Our causal routine is getting more colourful with a sound of Lviv’s stunning music. It’s impossible to miss! Lviv is a city of legends from Medieval time. It is worth to visit this charming city and find yourself in a legend. We try to tell you some unbelievable Lviv’s legends, which are sometimes sad, sometimes romantic, but interesting and exciting for sure.