An otherworldly rendezvous

     Another terrible Lviv legend associated with the house on 8 Zelena St. A little over a century ago on the site of the building there was a stone house "Under the linden trees." Beautiful villa was separated from the street by a thick wire mesh and forest trees. A famous actress Jadwiga Kalerhis lived here. Among her supporters was a young Lviv writer who never even dreamed to meet her. Jadwiga moved to Vienna and for a long time no one heard about her. But once a guy Yurko, who was madly in love with Jadwiga, received a letter from her where it was written that she comes back to the city and asks him to wait for her at the villa.
     Every Saturday a happy lover visited Jadwiga at the empty villa and there were no bounds for his happiness. His life's dream came true. It was not strange for him that the former socialite lived as morose fellow, and no one in the city knew about her arrival. But once Yurko noticed that Jadwiga hided from him her plate, later - face. Then they began to meet only in a dark room, and he could not get to her hands and face. Finally one night Yurko did not find the body of his beloved , which was wrapped in lots of blankets. In desperation, he ran outside. And early in the morning something again forced him to go to "Under the lime trees" house.
     Yurko overheard a conversation between two men who put in order the garden:
- Finally, her family got the house inherited.
- What happened to the owner?
- Jadwiga Kalerhis died two years ago. Died shortly after travel abroad, during a trip to the Alps.