QR-codes in Lviv

What is a QR-code?

QR-code - a two-dimensional bar code that contain information readable by anyone using a phone with a camera built-in. Thanks to recognize the subscriber can instantly bring in phone text information, add contacts to address book, go to web links, send text messages and others. Using QR-code even competitions and role plays are organized. QR-code technology was developed in Japan, later mobile label spread to Europe and the USA.

How QR-codes can be read?

Using mobile phone with camera and installed program to read QR-codes, tourist can easy get information about tourist objects.
How to use the QR-code?

  1. Take a mobile phone with camera 
  2. Start to scan the code 
  3. Point the object glass at the code 
  4. Get information! 

What are some of the programs for reading QR-codes?

■ I-NIGMA ()

■ Kaywa Reader ()

■ QuickMark ()

■ iMatrix ()

■ NeoReader ()

All these programs are free of charge and free for download on the Internet

Should Tourist Internet connect to Interne to read the code?

Internet connection is necessary only in case if the label is encoded link to the site. But if the label contains text information, the text will be displayed directly on your mobile phone

Why QR-codes are being implemented in Lviv?

Individual tourist will have possibility to navigate in the city without extra effort, get basic information about tourist objects and services of the city.

Where will QR-code be situated?

The basic amount of label will be at the tourist sites of the city (monuments, churches, museums), airport, railway station, tram stops, as well as members of tourism facilities.

Additional information at - Lviv official tourist web-site.